ColourHide GLO® My glowing acrylic hole punch

I can punch my weight through 10 sheets of paper. I’m spot on with my hole-punching paper guide all while catching your mess in my easy to empty confetti tray. Plus I’ve even got rubber grip feet that’ll protect your desk while you punch it out.

You could call me the black belt of the stationery world. But why go black, when you can glow thanks to my light capturing two-tone acrylic and unique pigment.

I come in three vibrant neon colours – Pink, Yellow and Orange. Ask anyone. I’ve got glowing endorsements.

Dimensions 100W x 85L x 80H(mm).

ColourHide GLO technology and the “colour effect” is patented (Aust. Pat. No. 2015101844) and products are a Registered Design.

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