ColourHide GLO® My glowing acrylic tape dispenser

I’m here to help with all your sticky situations. That’s why I’ve got rubber grip feet (for protecting your desk). A weighted base (for easier tape-getting). A quality cutter (that’ll stay sharp for years). And a nice, compact size (that holds 25mm core tape) so I don’t hog your desk.

And oh yeah – I glow thanks to my light capturing two-tone acrylic and unique pigment. (But that’s just for fun).

I come in three vibrant neon colours – Pink, Yellow and Orange. Ask anyone. I’ve got glowing endorsements.

Dimensions 45W x 120L x 70H(mm).

ColourHide GLO technology and the “colour effect” is patented (Aust. Pat. No. 2015101844) and products are a Registered Design.

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