ColourHide® My clear case notebook A4 120pg

Let’s see. I’m A4, which is always handy. My clear case is great for storing stationery, notes, you name it.

I’ve got a vibrant (and protective) cover plus 120 nice, thick (80gsm), easy to rip out pages.

If you open me up you’ll see a two-year calendar to help you get organised.

Just don’t get too organised. Notebooks are for scribbling, sketching, experimenting and exploring. So go on. Be spontaneous.

FSC - MIX Paper from responsible sources FSC C111598

We believe in responsible forestry. All ColourHide® notebooks are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC).

  • (size) A4
  • (pages) 120
  • (gsm)* 60
*grams per square metre, AKA how nice and thick the paper is.
Product Codes
Assorted | 1717199H
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