ColourHide® My glitzy notebook A4 160pg

Let’s see. I’m A4, which is always handy. I’ve got 160 nice, thick (80gsm), easy to rip out pages.

And if you open me up you’ll find a spot to write your name (so people know that I’m yours.

Oh, and you probably noticed my glitzy, hard cover. Everyone does.

FSC - MIX Paper from responsible sources FSC C111598

We believe in responsible forestry. All ColourHide® notebooks are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC).

  • (size) A4
  • (pages) 160
  • (gsm)* 80
*grams per square metre, AKA how nice and thick the paper is.
Product Codes
Assorted | 1808599F
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